Medical Grade Skincare in Kingwood, Texas

Medical grade skin care at DermaPlus Aesthetics in Kingwood, Texas, allows you continue rejuvenating your skin at home and maintain the longevity of your results from in-office treatment! Your skin will thank you for adding our nourishing skincare products into your routine. The health of your skin is always changing and needs a consistent, effective routine in care to prevent premature aging and it’s glowing appearance. Our range of medical skin care products contain a higher level of active ingredients than products offered elsewhere, each designed to target specific skin concerns with clinically-proven results that you can feel and see.

These products are best combined with our aesthetic treatments, to ensure proper care of your newly rejuvenated skin. The first step to flawless skin starts with you!

Rodan + Fields

We offer pharmaceutical grade skin care through the Rodan + Fields range of skincare products! Developed by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, this product range is backed by clinical research used to formulate the most effective and easy to use products. Choosing medical grade skincare takes the guess work out of your skincare routine with innovative formulas that are proven to work.

Offering regimen sets, Rodan + Fields products work synergistically together to target certain skin concerns you have! Our treatment providers will assess your skin and determine what the best treatment options are for you in your journey to flawless and youthful skin.

Rodan and fields skin care products.

Why choose medical grade skin care?

Medical grade skincare products are formulated with a higher concentration active ingredients to help nourish and repair your skin. These active ingredients work on a cellular level to give you healthier skin. Deciding on which products to include in your routine can be time consuming and difficult with the amount of different products that are available today– something that you don’t need to worry about with medical grade skincare. These specialized skin care products work better to target specific concerns such as hyperpigmentation and photo-aging so you can see the improvements you’re looking for. As you undergo in-office treatments, establishing an effective at-home skincare routine will boost and maintain the effects of your results. 

With our wide range of medical grade skin care at DermaPlus Aesthetics in Kingwood, Texas, we offer something for every skin type and concern. With our expert skin specialists, you will have reassurance kn owing that you’re getting a wonderful spa experience at home, for youthful and healthy skin. All our offerings are clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective, so achieve optimal improvements without any irritation.